Natural Surface (PDF download)
Basically by all wood types possible. Care as per soaped surface.

Soaped surface (PDF download EU)
The soaped surface shows the natural colour of the wood. The soap and the care with water additionally lightens the wood. Through the treatment of the surface, the wood is better prepared to withstand water and humidly. The pores of the wood are filled with soap, which also hinders soiling. Of course, the wood treatment must be re-newed from time to time.

Oiled surface (PDF download)
Wood keeps its natural look with an oiled surface which preserves its specific character – asking to be touched or just simply admired. The oiled surface requires more care than the lacquered surface; it marks more easily, however the marks can be removed by light sanding and re-oiling.

Lacquered surface (PDF download)
Normal treatment with a two component lacquer produces a natural finish, though small colour corrections may be possible through staining or bleaching. This type of lacquer is relatively robust and provides a protective film from moisture (eg split drinks, grease, etc.) and chemicals. Light causes wood to change its colour; it is important from first use, not to leave any objects (eg vases, blotters, etc.) permanently in place on wood surfaces.