Company history


Victory in a large-scale ideas competition

Victory in a large-scale ideas competition organised by a major bank. The TIX model, matched to the specific needs of the customer zone, becomes an important element in the new image laid down for more than 200 branches of this bank in Switzerland.


Milan Furniture Fair

The company exhibits at the Milan Furniture Fair for the first time, then accesses the Asian market, which is today developing continuously and intensively.


Solving the next-generation problem

Solving the next-generation problem: Zoom by Mobimex is handed over by founder and proprietor Walter Zwick to Girsberger AG of Bützberg, with the declared aim of continuing to operate as an entirely independent brand at the existing location.



The TIX collection, developed with the Italo-Argentinian architect Dante Bonuccelli, is launched. It ushers in a whole new generation of tables with its interplay of cool (steel/aluminium) and warm (solid wood) materials, its filigree structures and its bold surfaces. TIX can claim with much pride to have been imitated many times over, but it has established itself worldwide in both living areas and as contract furnishing.


Cologne Exhibition

Heavy rectangular tables exhibited in Cologne, though (at that time) nobody wanted them. But in the spring of 1997 the first orders were taken, and soon built up to a veritable avalanche of business.


Design Award

BEST OF NEOCON. Victory in the design award contest held every year in the USA. The media influence exerted by this award led to an exceptionally rapid buildup of market presence in North America.


Government Order

The government of the Swiss canton of Neuenburg ordered a very large made to measure table. This was the first step forward by Zoom into the office world, and at the same time an incentive for development of its first chief executive’s office.


First two tables on display in Germany

First two tables on display in Germany, at Fleiner in Stuttgart. This began the internationalisation of the collection. The best specialist stores in Germany adopted the Zoom concept immediately: good design, solid wood as a high-value, timeless natural product and in addition a free choice of forms, dimensions and edge profiles were absolutely new in the furniture trade.


Company’s First Design

Breakthrough with the company’s first design: modern solid wood tables oriented toward “Bauhaus” design principles. This was at a time when solid wood almost always meant either Scandinavian or rustic, and was almost unknown among architects. Since these tables were produced to specific order and made to measure, the ZOOM name had a certain logic. The company’s own brand was born.


Acquisition of IDEALHEIM

Acquisition of the Swiss IDEALHEIM collection by Dieter Waeckerlin, Basel. This was when the decision to build up the company’s own collection was taken. The attraction of developing and realising one’s own ideas became the company’s core business area.


Establishment of the Company

Company established to import high-quality furniture for design-oriented trade outlets. Showroom and warehouse in Lenzburg.